Alcohol-Drug Rehab

Gulf Harbor Treatment Center… Where your journey in recovery begins…alcohol-drug-rehab

As science has evolved, so has the need for innovative approaches to substance abuse treatment or alcohol-drug rehab.  Our caring and insightful professionals will guide you through the journey to a substance free lifestyle using time tested, scientifically proven techniques and progressive holistic methods. Gulf Harbor Treatment Center will bridge the gaps and create a pathway to the life you want.

Located in picturesque Southwest Florida, Gulf Harbor Treatment Center provides a tranquil living environment where you may focus on recovery in a homelike setting with tropical breezes and sun enriched days. Knowing that comfort and structure are keys to success, we provide an atmosphere where you may feel relaxed and connected to the world.

While struggling with alcohol-drug addiction, sobriety can seem like a distant goal. Recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation may seem. Change is possible and achievable with the right treatment and support. At Gulf Harbor Treatment Center we focus on the root cause of your addiction not just the aftermath. You may have tried treatment before and relapsed as recovery often involves bumps, pitfalls, and setbacks.  By examining the problem and creating a path for change we can help you to the right and successful solution.

  • Make the decision to change
  • Review your treatment options
  • Get our support
  • Learn to cope with stress
  • Build a productive alcohol-drug free life

www.mountainview.govFor many people dealing with substance addiction, the biggest step to recovery is the very first one: deciding to reach out and make a change. Change is never easy. Committing to sobriety means changing many things in your life. Our creative staff and innovative methods of treatment are designed to take you through this process step by step.

To learn more about what Gulf Harbor Treatment Center can offer for your alcohol-drug rehab recovery, please call us at 1-941-286-2861.